Sermons By Series

Series Year Series Name
20181 What do you have AFTER Christmas?
20182 A Time of Transition
2017Jesus Said That
2017Let's Get Fit
2017The Ups and Downs of Following God-The Life of David
2017Growing Your Faith
2017Get our ACTS together
2017Advent-Come and See
2016The New Has Come
2016Who I Am in Christ
2016Crazy Busy
2016God's Gift of Vision
2016Happy Holydays
2015The Art of Neighboring
2015Living In the Light
201521- Facts Behind The Faith
2015Work Matters
2014Sermon on the Mount
2014Simply Amazing
2014Each One Add One
2014The Psalms
2014God At Work
2014Highly Effective Habits of Spiritually Healthy People
2013Building Faith
2013Marriage Matters: 1st Century Questions for 21st Century Christians
2013The Bible Miniseries
2013Family and Parenting
2013A New Year Starts, with Big Rocks First
2013Paul's Letter to the Galatians
2013The How's and Why's of Becoming Wise
201345th Birthday, and Looking Forward
2013Where Are You?
2013TOOLS: The Necessities For Your Christian Walk
2013Jesus, the HOPE of the World!
2012Passion Week Services
2012Fruit of the Spirit
2012Ephesians, Summer Study 2012
2012All About PRAYER
2012After 40 Days, Now What?
201240 Days In The Word
2012Advent Series
2011Book of Romans
2011Courageous Homes
2011The Book of Titus
2011Advent Series
2010Summer Sermons
2010 Joni Morse
2010Faith Works
2010GPS-God's Plan of Salvation
2010A Season of Service
2010Hope for the Hopeless - Joe Grana
2010I Want to Be a Christian - Leroy Fulton
2010Seven Days that Changed the World
2010Growing Like Jesus: More and More people More and More like Jesus
2010The Heart of the Bible
2010Advent Conspiracy
2010In A Royal Mess
2009Sermons from The Book of James
2009Easter 2009
2009Attitudes of a Vibrant Church
2009Spiritual Health: Sermons from 2nd Peter
2009Spiritual Growth REVEALed
2009Sermons from The Book of Ruth
2009Colossal Truths & Questions
2008PCC Turns 40
2008April Apologetics
2008C Notes
2008Jesus Encounters
200840 Days of Love
2008VBS Power Lab Sunday
2008Going for the Gold
200840 Somethings in the Bible
2008Spiritual Songs
2007The Power of Hope
2007The Descipleship Series
2007Sharpen Your Acts
20061. What Happens When...
20067. American Idols
20066. Making SENSE of the Bible
20064. Mentoring
20063. Letters from a Master Mentor - 1st, 2nd, 3rd John
2006 2. A Church On FIRE-Learn how God Uses Fire to...
20065. The DiVinity Code ...