About Us

What denomination is Pomerado Christian Church?
We are a non-denominational independent Bible-teaching church that seeks to apply the principles of God's Word to our everyday lives. We are loosely affiliated with other independent churches often known as "Christian Churches". Learn more about Christian Churches here.

What do you believe?
To put it simply, we believe the Bible. We teach that the Bible is the authoritative, inspired Word of God, and therefore we make it our goal to teach and practice the truths the Bible sets forth. We also believe, by the way, that people matter to God. That's why we're in the business of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with people.

What do you teach in your sermons?
Pastor Evan always brings a message that is grounded in the Bible. He is a 'teaching' preacher, and the messages are designed to lead people to a better understanding of God's plan of salvation, and how to apply Biblical principles in daily living.

How often do you have a communion service?
We celebrate communion as a regular part of our worship every Sunday because the first Christians celebrated communion regularly too (see Acts 20:7 for example). But just because we have communion weekly doesn't mean that we take it lightly. Each week we allow time for people to examine themselves so that each one of us can take communion in a worthy manner.

How do I become a member of this church?
The first step for most people is to express their interest by regular attendance. Periodically the we offer a class, usually on a Saturday or Sunday evening, that we call our "101 Class". This class is an introduction to many aspects of our church including our basic beliefs, our history, activities and opportunities that are available to members. This provides an opportunity for you to have your questions answered and to become well informed before making your decision to become a member. After that it is as easy as filling in a simple form with the basic information we need to know about you, such as name, address, phone and so on.

Do I have to be a member to get married at this church?
No, our facilities are available to friends and family of members, and those in our community who are like minded with us in our belief of the sanctity of marriage. Just speak to the church secretary or pastor to determine if our schedule and situations are agreeable.